Friday, December 4, 2009

IEXIST は 今 どう ですか。。

salam ukhwah fillah, it's been a long time since I-exist made moves on the students' activities assistance. However, now there's nothing much happen. Apparently, all ex-students are busy with their studies, organizations as well, and many other commitments. I immaculately believe and feel so grateful of the establishment of this organization on behalf of my batch : spm 08. By the way, we need more meetings, strategies and as well as support from all the members. Hence, I urge all of the members to follow this blog and make a move on it. I, myself had created a group in facebook to enhance the enrollment of ex-students of my batch only to beautifully paint this group empty spaces... that's for now.. sorry for a simple entry, but it's just a start!!!

usrah tunjang tarbiyyah