Sunday, January 31, 2010

会議 meeting

last 30th january.. I exist had a meeting at "KL sentral.." We started at 2.00pm.. The meeting was attended by six of us( 大変ですね)。。Our agendas were about new session organisation and post mortem of the previous term.. It was so awesome where we manage to find resolution for the next session of leadership..
The batch 2008 need to manage the resignation matter which are shaping a new cab
inet and as well as managing a resignation ceremony of the previous leadership.. we used election system in the next organisation. Now, is the time to wait for the new "face" in iexist 2010-2012 era. By the way, we also discussed about the new bureau which was overseas student bureau.. Every of the student of a different country needs to form their organisation in order to ensure the continuity of iexist all around the world.. Hopefully, it would be a success.. ganbarimashoune!!

The next resolution that we've gone into a decision was the alternative on how to ensure the continuity of relationship between all ex students of smka tj.. the solution is to run a monthly usrah according to our own area... and the second thing is to manage a big programme like picnic or whatsoever.. I hope the solution would gather all the ex students insyaAllah.. and last but not least, the silibus of the usrah that will be held, is going to be under Research and development ..

the meeting ended by 3.30pm.. we hope the solution we found in the meeting would bring new shine for aiding our student to maintain in their way....


usrah tunjang tarbiyyah


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